How Old is Gen Z Anyway?

birth-rates-1920When I tell people I’m blogging about Generation Z, they pretend to know who I’m talking about….and will say something like,  “yeah, what losers they still live with their parents” or “OMG, I have this college grad at work who is so hard to deal with.” So I think GYHOOYA but happily introduce them to Generation  Z.

Generation Z has multiple age spans depending on the source, with birth date ranging from 1992-1996 and end date ranging from 2000-2013.  That’s a very wide range – age 0 to 21 at it’s widest – and kids are so different between the ages of 0 and 21.   A brand needs to treat a baby, tween and millennial very differently.  Yet Generations often have a discrepancy in exact start and end dates and this is hard for me to accept;  there needs to be a Culture President to call it.

But for this blog, I’ll call it:  I define  Gen Z as those who were born between 1996 and 2010.  Majority of  info on Gen Z says mid 1990s to 2010.  What does this mean? Oldest Gen Zs will be coming of age at 18 in the year 2014, ready for work and brand consumption.  Younger Gen Zs may get iPhones as Baptism gifts and are now experts at the age of 5 (some teaching their Boomer parents).   There are about 24 million Gen Zs in the world.

Stay Tuned for a series on – Reasons to Love Gen Z


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