What Gen Zs Demand from Brands this Holiday

Young Gen Z Shopping

What Gen Zs Demand from Brands this Holiday

This holiday season, online retailers need to target the Gen Z consumer segment, because tech savvy Gen Zs play a powerful role in influencing what “Santa” buys for them.  While Moms complete over 70% of the purchase transactions, Gen Zs have the most influence because they know how to research products online better than most parents.  Targeting the influential Gen Z is just as or more important than targeting Moms because Gen Zs have a huge voice in choices. The more Gen Z knows and does, the easier it is for Cyber Mom. And if Mom is happy, then everyone’s happy.  

Retailers – here are a few tips on how to get Gen Zs attention this holiday season.

1. Go Straight from Wish Bone to Wish List
As soon as young Americans finish that last bite of apple pie on Thanksgiving, online savvy Gen Zs will run to the Internet and begin creating their wish lists. Gen Zs will do the online scanning and research, save items on an APP such as Google’s “Wish list” and ultimately, send their detailed Wish Lists to Cyber Moms who then hit the “BUY” button. She thinks, “Quick and easy, thanks Gen Z.

2. Extend Offers Beyond Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is expected to generate over $2 billion in sales in 2013, presenting huge revenue potential for online retailers. But just because retailers offer discounts on Cyber Monday doesn’t mean that Gen Zs will have their lists ready. (I just surveyed a few Cyber Moms and their Gen Zs about lists and No One has given ANY thought to holiday gifts.) Gen Zs will get to their lists on their own time.  They have limited attention spans, they are demanding yet economical so they need time to shop around, ask their friends on social media and perfect their final list.

3.    Make the Mobile Have Mobility for Gen Zs
Gen Z expects smooth shopping on a mobile phone because it’s what they use the most. Remember the limited attention span of a Gen Z and their need and love of social media.  They will be multitasking while they browse so retain their attention by offering sustainable applications like wish lists and your own suggestions. Most Gen Zs will click over to You Tube or Instagram to get peer reviews and you want to be there when they come back.

4. Support a Worthy Cause through Donations or Charitable Actions
Gen Zs are passionate about causes:  they are growing up among economic challenges and environmental tragedies.  According to Cause Marketing Forum, 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause; 50% said they would pay more for their goods and services. A brand that actively supports a cause makes a gift more meaningful to Gen Z and has a better chance of making the final wish list.

5. Premium Brands Should Offer More than “Free Shipping”
Most premium brands don’t discount and think that “Free Shipping” is a meaningful incentive…but honestly, it’s not.
 Economical Gen Zs expect more from their favorite brands like North Face, UGGS and Abercrombie & Fitch. Encourage and offer discounts on multiple purchases that make purchases smoother for nervous Cyber Moms.  Also offer less expensive items in case they want the Brand but Mom may reject the price.

Holiday 2013 is the season to leverage the technical ingenuity of our Gen Zs, they are very powerful influencers of holiday purchases.  As Gen Zs power and influence grows with age, marketers need to understand how this young, connected and intelligent generation operates in the world of online shopping. Encourage them to research online for what they want, as it will only save Cyber Moms time and money. You don’t have to buy EVERYTHING.  Just remember to thank them and hand them over your Wish List!


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