Look Up – by Gary Turk

Have you seen this startling poetic lecture about why we – Gen Zs and adults – need to LOOK UP from our screens?  It’s a must see for all ages whether you have kids or not.

Technology enables us to keep in touch, but doesn’t really make us feel truly connected. “Socializing” virtually doesn’t count as truly socializing. Looking down and ignoring who and what’s out there removes us from one of the most important elements of happiness:  human love and connection.  LOOK UP and you’ll experience how nice it can feel to connect with someone face to face vs. virtually – huge difference.  At least this is what I tell my Gen Zs.

Gen Zs will need to learn how to socialize beyond the screen because they need to work and communicate with prior generations where we prefer face to face. So get your Gen Zs off the screens once in a while. It’s not funny if they’re addicted, it’s sad.


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