‘Tis the Season to Think like a Gen Z

My Gen Zees came home from school today proudly chanting a phrase they learned at their fairly diverse and non-discriminating school, “Happy Christmahanakwanzika”

I love it – a playful and politically correct way to wish everyone a happy holiday, whatever it is they celebrate, without offending or excluding any specific religion.

However, amidst the glorious chanting in the car, we make a long overdue stop at our mailbox – it’s bursting with holiday cards and catalogs. My pumped up Gen Zees hastefully wrip open some of the first holiday cards. They battle precious airtime chat to recite the cards. What do they read out loud? “Merry Christmas…next, Merry Christmas…”

The holiday hoopla came to an abrupt stop. Why “Merry Christmas”?

They wanted to know why some people choose to send out religion-specific greetings like “Merry Christmas” when only 33% of the global population is Christian.  That’s a Gen Z for you, totally inclusive. 

Gen Zees think very differently than previous generations. Generation Z is the most diverse, the most inclusive and the most politically correct generation to date.  Throughout social media, Gen Zees post endearing messages and unselfish selfless demonstrating their compassion and connection with all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual preference and cultures.  Gen Zees are asking adults to be more inclusive like they are.

This holiday season, think like a Gen Z.  Give them the gift of being politically correct.

In the US alone, 23 million Generation Zs are growing up quickly and ferociously, ranging in age from 5 to 19 years old.  Promoting their commendable ethics, while building college resumes or athletic scholarships, they are going to be our social entrepreneurs, world leaders and ZEO’s.  With their tech savvy intelligence and high performance values, they deserve and expect social equality.

Gen Zs think globally and the world is religiously diverse. In terms of global religion, the majority of the world is not Christian: 52% are other religions. Christian majority is an American thing with 83% being Christian and only 4% being other religions, with “None” or “Other” predicted to increase in the future.

Generation Z embraces diversity. Gen Z is the most racially diverse generation in the US and that diversity is growing. Only 55% of the Gen Z US population is Caucasian, and thanks to an immigration boom, the US population will get way more diverse. All Gen Z knows is diversity, multiculturalism and thus, the need for equality. In their minds, prejudice or exclusion is unacceptable.

Generation Z is determined to make a difference in the world. 60% are already demonstrating their charitable efforts by volunteering. 78% are concerned about world hunger. Their interests and concerns are legitimate – the Gen Z’s entrepreneurial talents execute campaigns for causes in high school. One student-run club had all students be “food insecure” for the day, skipping lunch and allowed to beg for a snack.

This is a fulfilling and heartwarming time of year, especially for our inclusive children of Generation Z. And I’m not talking about the gifts they give or receive, I’m talking about the values Generation Z can teach us.  Let’s look at life in the eyes of Generation Z. 

Happy Christmahanakwanzika.

Republished. Original post Dec 2014.


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