Generation Z “Scrinnovates” on Snow Days

Generation Z gives snow days an entirely new meaning.  Instead of dashing outside in their snow gear to shred hills in the backyard with neighborhood kids, many Gen Zs choose to stay indoors and shred their screens – they brainstorm, ideate, innovate and create, all to become an entrepreneur, at least for one snow day.  I’ll take a business mogul over a snow mogul any day.

Our future entrepreneurs are Scrinnovating*, they are innovating with screens (digital) and bringing their Scrinnovations* to life online, instantly and globally.  

Glued obsessively to multiple bold and bountiful screens of all sizes, these Gen Z entrepreneurs collaborate virtually with their “business partners” all day long.  They Scrinnovate. They are face timing, brainstorming the next big idea, creating instant logos, building websites, coding, developing blogs and mastering WordPress in a day, debating and arguing strategies, and even talking product distribution over hot chocolate and Dunkin Munchkins.

A personal aside – – for three snow days, my Gen Z and her  “business partners” – aka CIOs, VP Money, Instagram Person, WordPress Developer – have virtually taken over the house. Consecutively scheduled face time calls begin at 7:30am.  The attic has been transformed into the “ivory tower” and sounds and operates like a lively shared office building, buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit and curiously adult chatter. When they talk funding, it sounds like a Wall Street trading floor. 

With at least 60% of Generation Z in the US desiring to be entrepreneurs, we are at the dawn of what I call Scrinnovation*, the creation of innovative online businesses, non-profits, blogs and websites that will produce global social and  financial benefits.  It’s more specific and Gen Z focused than the word “Innovation”. gen-z_sparksandhoney

Scrinnovation* is infinite – the ideas are endless and publishing is instant. Some are blogs about favorite hobbies such as cars, food, fashion or snowboarding, or the artist sells personally designed T-shirts. Sound familiar? So many of us know at least five tweens or teens who are entrepreneurs.  Watching Shark Tank for many years, these kids are scrinnovating* to get a jump on the real world.  They get high off of new ideas, thankfully not new weeds, monitoring and marketing the follower fanfare on every social media, watching their scrinnovations* soar around the world.

With 1.8 billion Gen Zs in the world, there will be alot of Scrinnovation*. We’ve already witnessed Generation Zs make heroic and remarkable or brilliant contributions such as those below.  But I’m talking more about the attainable, approachable, more common scrinnovations*.

teen entrepreneursnickdWe can expect to have a plethora of Scrinnovations* that have a social mission as over 60% of Gen Zs are driven to make a change in the world.  There are 23mm Gen Zs in the US, meaning 14 million who want to be entrepreneurs.  Globally, there are 1.8 billion with the majority residing in developing or underdeveloped markets.

What do we do now? Looking 5-10 years out as the eldest Gen Zs turn 25 (born 1995), our global economy will be comprised of the fortunate Scrinnovations that make it, ventures created and sustained by today’s most successful entrepreneurial Gen Zs.

Gen Zs can Scrinnovate* now while room and board is paid for but we know how challenging it is to sustain a start-up business. The employers, employees, marketers, teachers and parents will be charged with raising, mentoring, hiring and funding Generation Z entrepreneurs.  We need to educate and mentor both males and females, globally to support their passion for entrepreneursip, for scrinnovating.  For now, I’ll support shredding the screens…on any kind of day.

* Scrinnovating and Scrinnovation are new terms created by Getting Gen Z

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