Global Citizen Festival 2015 and Gen Z

Did you hear about the Global Citizen Festival last Saturday in NYC? This video is a helpful wrap up of who was on stage. But here’s my wrap-up of what a festival like this means for Generation Z.

Generation Z is ready to take the stage.  Last Saturday at the fourth annual Global Citizen Festival, 60,000 concerned citizens – largely Gen Y and Gen Z – communed in Central Park for a concert with a cause: to put an end to extreme poverty.  I’ve been waiting for this moment! 

Behavioral predictions are proving to be true.  Market researchers have predefined this generation to be altruistic, charitable and global.  And this event proves the definitions to be right.  In order to get a ticket (free no less, one had to prove their activism online. So many did and that is so “Gen Z”, it’s inspirational. For Gen Z, the Global Citizen Festival was an entertaining and cerebral experience where they can contemplate and percolate over their future, big futures. Hearing from pop stars like Beyoncé and policy makers like VP Joe Biden, an inspired and enlivened Gen Z is more likely to retain and act on the need for global action. Multi-everything works well for the Gen Zer who thinks in 4D.

Get ready to hear more about Generation Z – as adults, as global leaders and as change-makers. Born in 1996, Gen Z has come of age. We will see more and more of them in the forefront, from the outside in, no longer just from the inside out.  As truly talented and compassionate teenagers get closer to 18, they will be taken more seriously. The Global Citizen Festival proved that – on stage and off stage.


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