Business Insider recently interviewed me about how Gen Z shops. This article is a must read!

birthday-party-dancing-teens-sweet-16-sixteenBusiness Insider recently published an article about shopping with Generation Z.  I believe writer Mallory Schlossberg nailed it.  Generation Z shops very differently than you’d expect! Read on to see how they shop, where they go and why they buy the brands they want.

Some snapshots of what I have to say about Gen Z and shopping – – Additionally, they shop on their smart phones, Generation Z expert Nancy Nessel explained to Business Insider. But those who do shop in stores, she explained, this generation likes to interact with the brands on their social-media channels for research before purchasing items in physical stores.  “They want to see if the brand is authentic and is worthy of their time, money, and values,” Nessel explained to Business Insider. “They will only wear clothing that aligns with their values, has a social cause, and represents who they really are.”


Ivivva is Lululemon’s younger sister brand. It’s “appealing because it has a meaning, a movement you want to be a part of,” Nessel explained. “Buying and wearing [the clothes] makes you feel a part of their ‘community for active girls.” This, Nessel explained, is “appealing because [the brand] supports girl power.”
They also don’t like brands that are associated with causes they find to be negative:  According to Nessel, Generation Z does not like “people that cause or encourage violence and evil like war, gun violence, or discrimination. They are growing up seeing more than any generation (due to screens) and this makes them more compassionate than previous generations. They are altruistic, compassionate, optimistic, hopeful.”


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