Phone Lessons from Millennials

“Millennials:  This is Exactly What’s Wrong With This Generation!!”
Featuring Simon Sinek with IQ Millennial Generation

January is the ideal time to kick off some new behaviors, and this enlightening lecture will make you, and your Gen Z, want to change how you behave with your phone. This week I’m sharing a captivating interview with Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author of “Start With Why”, who discusses how technology (phone and social media), among other factors, is causing Millennials and younger generations (Gen Z) to behave in challenging ways:  impatient, expect instant gratification, less social and difficult to work with.  This interview amplifies the addictive and obsessive relationship younger generations have with phones.  The way he describes society’s phone behavior will make you want to find a better balance with your phone use. 

Note: watching this interview is definitely worth 15 minutes of your undivided attention. That’s right, put the other screens aside, and take notes because it’s not too late to give our ambitious, somewhat social and thankfully malleable Gen Z some guidance and attention they deserve

Millennials have the leading role (don’t they always), but Simon Sinek’s observations about technology certainly apply to tech-ingenious Generation Z.  Millennials and Generation Z differ in terms of ambition and socialization, but they do share the passion for Technology.  As for the other contributing factors – Parenting, Impatience and Environment – it’s not too late to teach the next generation and their parents how to avoid making “Millennial mistakes”, the results of too much parenting and too much technology.

I wholeheartedly embrace the connections and education that technology and social media deliver. However, I’m very proud to be a “no-phones-at-the-table” person. I also cherish and embrace connecting in person, giving someone 100% attention, engaging in live conversations, developing relationships, knowing how to deal with stress and maintaining balance:  there’s a time and place for everything. In any case, I’m grateful to Millennials for pioneering the technology landscape. 

I hope you enjoyed 15 minutes of focusing.



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