What’s Trending on Campus: Post Election

Every day, one of our inspirational members of Generation Z is applauded for conducting an act of brilliance, creativity, innovation, courage or altruism. The majority of our young Gen Z pioneers are initiating and promoting social revolutions to make the world a better place. Gen Z is not just challenging, but redefining the status quo in most of our social landscapes: gender, freedom of speech, immigration, social media, marketing, college life and fashion.  Take Instagram fashion designer Millinsky as an example of new entrepreneurialism.  Or  James Charles, CoverGirl’s first cover boy. Trends among Gen Z are emerging too rapidly to capture in one forecast. Our society is operating at a much speedier pace – filtering information under eight seconds, very short attention spans and absolute expectations for immediate responses.  As we close the first quarter of 2017, here are a few current events trending among Gen Z.

trumpcampusBacklash to the Backlash:  The election of our current Republican President is a backlash to the previous Democrat administration … and nationwide protests and marches are a backlash to that backlash.  Gen Z is participating in this backlash as they express their frustrations, or allegiance, to the new administration, current issues and speakers (ex: Middlebury College)

Bipartisan Intensity on Campus:   Once called “socially progressive”,  a recent focus group (and many of my Gen Z followers) revealed that at least 20% of Gen Z is more conservative than we think. Republicans on liberal leaning campuses feel they need to defend and express themselves much more fiercely than before the election.  This large Trump banner at a college campus is a good example of strengthened bipartisanship.

“Fearless Girl”:  Seen as a symbol of female empowerment, ‘fearless girl’ is a timely inspiration to all young girls.  She was just approved to continue standing down to the Bull on Wall Street through February 2018.  This girl does not stand alone; her symbolism evolves from the Women’s March and she’s also building her own movement this spring:  the Fearless Girl Company “turns fears into dreams”.






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