Generation Z Considers Cost When Selecting a College – Research by Nitro College

Students from Generation Z are enrolling in college this fall semester, but does their outlook on college differ from students of past generations?

A study by Nitro College surveyed over 5,000 students from Generation Z to find out how they’re approaching their college experience when it comes to field of study and financial decisions.  It’s no secret that the U.S. debt crisis is at a record high with over $1.4 trillion in overall student loan debt.  This number has triggered Generation Z to take action.  In an effort to save on tuition costs, 65.7% of students are planning to attend an in-state school, nearly cutting the cost of college in half compared to a private or out-of-state school.
In-Out-StateAlthough Generation Z students will compromise on cost of college, they aren’t willing to back down on their career path based on their take home.  Out of all of the students surveyed, 46% said that their potential salary only somewhat affects their chosen major.  Generation Z is in it for the long run by avoiding large sums of debt, but putting their passion ahead of early earnings.  To learn more about how Generation Z differs from past generations when it comes to college, check out Nitro College’s study on how Generation Z is managing student loan debt.

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