Getting to Know Gen Z in the Workplace

If your organization is hiring, read this infographic from Fundera16 Key Stats on Gen Z to Help Get Your Workplace Ready – to learn how to attract and retain members of this well-educated, diverse and hard-working generation. 

Popular culture is all too familiar with Millennials and the stereotypes that come with the generation. However, when it comes to the “i Generation,” “Net Gen,” or “Digital Natives”, it’s clear that popular culture is still getting to know Generation Z. The oldest members of Gen Z are just entering the workplace, and companies need to understand this generation to attract the best new talent.

Generation Z has never known a world without smartphones, although they still value face-to-face communication given the rise of video chatting. Their childhood was shaped by the Great Recession of 2008, where the median net worth of their parents fell by 45%. This resulted in a generation that values financial stability and hard work.

This new generation brings multiple strengths to the workforce. They’re one of the most well-educated, diverse, and hard-working generations. So if your business is hiring, read this infographic from Fundera to help get your workplace ready for Gen Z.

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