Nostalgic Fashion Trends Popular Among Generation Z

While attending zoom school for the past couple of years, Generation Z has been on TikTok bringing back fashion trends based on lifestyles reflective of better times. The result is counterculture movements like ‘cottagecore’ and fashion trends based on aesthetic inspirations from yesteryear which represent a life that is more secure and optimistic. 

The need for embracing a happier lifestyle through aspirational fashion is evident in ‘dopamine dressing,’ one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022. Worn by celebrities like Dua Lipa, and captured by designers like Alice & Olivia, dopamine dressing features apparel that illuminates joy with its neon colors and bold silhouettes.

Other Gen Z fashion trends include subculture styles like the British tea party look called ‘Twee’ and the preppy look called ‘Dark Academia’ (or ‘Old Money’ Ralph Lauren) that enable Gen Z to travel back in time to what looks to be a more comfortable era. These styles align with Gen Z’s commitment to secondhand and sustainable clothing, today a $43 billion market according to The Resale Report by ThredUp.

Lovecore is one of several Gen Z fashion trends that has emerged as a colorful and expressive counter-trend to the athleisure fashions in style during the pandemic. ‘Lovecore’ is a vintage style that is romantic, playful, and ‘girly’, delivering an attitude and lifestyle of a debutante in love. One brand that has captured the fan following of romantic Gen Z’s is LoveShackFancy, a high-growth lifestyle brand that delivers lovecore apparel “on steroids” along with a decadent retail experience. 

As retailers and shoppers return to the streets, retailers have to work harder to bring  Gen Z consumers into their stores by creating unique experiences and immersions into more blissful settings. If you’re craving another season of Bridgerton, I recommend you immerse yourself into one of LoveShackFancy’s stores to savor the playful and romantic vibe that Gen Z needs to experience right now.


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