Nancy Breiling Nessel

Welcome to Getting Gen Z. I am one of the premier marketers to research and consult on Generation Z, today’s tech-savvy generation of young adults ranging in age from 13-26 (born between 1997 and 2010). I have an MBA in Marketing and 15 years of professional experience designing and leading consumer marketing strategies for some of the world’s leading brands. 

I began researching and writing about Generation Z in 2012, the year that technology began influencing and ultimately shaping, the lives and behaviors of Generation Z. For nearly 10 years, I’ve been sharing deep insights into Generation Z through my blog,, based on primary and secondary market research among diverse insight communities. 

As a parent of two Gen Zs, and a dedicated advocate for this ambitious, yet anxious, generation, I have immersed myself into multiple cohorts of young adults to gain a deep understanding of what drives Generation Z. I have worked with and advised young female entrepreneurs, first-generation college students, talented performing young artists and young adults struggling with mental health issues.

My Gen Z consultancy (Getting Gen Z) has grown from a psychosocial observation in 2012, to a viral and critical center of knowledge, amplified by my blog that’s captured the attention of thousands of readers. With a strong professional background in branding, marketing, and communications, I’ve grown my Gen Z blog into a thriving consultancy through consulting work, guest writing, and extensive press interviews. See my page In The Media  for a list of publications where I’ve been a contributing Gen Z expert: CNBC, Vogue, Knowledge@Wharton, Business Insider, News12 to name a few. Since 2021, I have been an Executive Contributor on Generation Z for Brainz Magazine, a global digital media platform and magazine. 

My mission today continues to be to educate key influencers about Generation Z – who they are as employees entering the workforce, discerning consumers and robust individuals who have the potential to lead our world through impactful changes. I’ve been hired as a Gen Z expert by numerous nonprofit organizations, advertising agencies (Sterling Brands), sports teams (Chicago White Sox), and market research firms (Kantar Futures). I am highly experienced in translating unique insights into winning marketing strategies that generate awareness, and revenue, among society’s future consumers and leaders. Contact me at 

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