What Happens When Social Networking Comes to Life?

Gen Zs Perform Social Media Live at the Mall Marketers agree that it’s critical to understand how Gen Zs think and shop in their digital world so we can reach them effectively.   24 million of the world’s Gen Zs are expected to have very strong buying power online and offline. But if you’re a marketer […]

Apple: Like a Cloud on a Day to Remember…”Isn’t it ironic”

Today is 9/11, a very contemplative and sacred day where we honor those who died, survived and were affected. More than 3,000 children under the age of 18 lost a parent on 9/11. And for those of us who watched the tragedy from afar, we each have our own memory.  My memory is dialing and […]

Marketing to Mini-Me’s of Gen Z

Last Sunday, my innocent 10-year-old daughter couldn’t wait to see the infamous Hannah Montana perform on the MTV VMAs…until she did.  As soon as Miley Cyrus started her suggestive twerking, I darted across the room to cover her eyes while my other teen chanted “No Miley No”.  Let’s face it:  Miley has gone mad. What […]

Is Gen Z Poppin’ Your Tags?

If you don’t know what ‘poppin’ tags’ means, you don’t yet speak Gen Z, and until you do speak Gen Z, you’re going to have a hard time selling to this consumer segment.  Gen Z thinks, operates and shops very differently from Gen Y. As the back to school shopping season heats up, many retailers […]

How Old is Gen Z Anyway?

When I tell people I’m blogging about Generation Z, they pretend to know who I’m talking about….and will say something like,  “yeah, what losers they still live with their parents” or “OMG, I have this college grad at work who is so hard to deal with.” So I think GYHOOYA but happily introduce them to Generation  […]