2 thoughts on “connect

  1. Getting Gen Z

    Hi Vivek,
    First, congratulations on being a published teen author.
    I went through your site and I’m speechless. I will most definitely read your book.
    I am just seeing an ascending interest in Gen Z among marketers, educators, employers.
    Let’s definitely connect, how about twitter. Thank you for contacting me, this is truly an excellent time for forward thinkers!
    Best, Nancy

  2. Vivek Pandit

    Ms. Nessel,
    My name is Vivek Pandit, recently published author of We Are Generation Z (wearegenz.com) and I would love to get your thoughts on my book. I have followed your work and observations on our generation and I hope to connect with you at some point to discuss our very similar views. As a non-fiction book, first of its kind to share the perspectives of GenZ from a GenZ point of view, I hope to partner with you as a resource as we tackle our future together!

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