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Gen Z, Unplugged

Alas, Generation Z is coming of age. With many now in their teens, our ingenious yet curious Gen Zees, when unplugged from their screens, are facing M-rated social situations like sex, drugs and mental illness for the first time. The problem? These situations don’t come with an app. Inaugural exposure to intense adolescent situations like […]

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Look to Gen Z, the Social Networking Experts, to Help Build Your Professional Network

Gaia Insights, Fall 2015 – It’s All About Connections: The Rise of Networking in a Virtual World The definition of networking has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, quickly changing from face-to-face event hopping, to mastering your presence in social media. Thanks to technology, professionals and ambitious teens have many more opportunities to build relationships. […]

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‘Millennials on Steroids’: Is Your Brand Ready for Generation Z? Press Interview with knowledge@wharton

‘Millennials on Steroids’: Is Your Brand Ready for Generation Z? The Wharton School of Business (U Penn) recently approached me for an interview about marketing to Gen Z. Solid interview filled with a speedy exchange of insights, a well written article (featuring me) and fantastic press for  “Because this generation is extremely ethnically diverse, they embrace diversity […]

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Global Citizen Festival 2015 and Gen Z

Did you hear about the Global Citizen Festival last Saturday in NYC? This video is a helpful wrap up of who was on stage. But here’s my wrap-up of what a festival like this means for Generation Z. Generation Z is ready to take the stage.  Last Saturday at the fourth annual Global Citizen Festival, 60,000 […]

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Generations X, Y and Z Put Fall 2016 into Perspective

For Generation X,Y and Z in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the end of a beautiful sunny summer.  On the outside we may appear relaxed with a golden tan, a toned body, glowing eyes and a big smile  left over from memories of how we felt on vacation. But on the inside, many of us are hardly relaxed; we […]

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For Generation Z, back-to-school trends driven by the need for Agility

For Generation Z, back-to-school trends driven by the need for Agility – – As Generation Z heads back-to-school for 2015-2016, I’ve been feverishly tracking the incredibly innovative back-to-school trends – in fashion, technology, supplies and overall Gen Z behavior. Let me tell you: it’s not “back”-to-school, it’s ‘back” to the future. These products are hardly the dusty notebooks scraped off the […]

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Phone or Family: Who Are We Vacationing With?

As featured on Gaia Insights July 25, 2015 – – As long as Gen X can remember, family vacation was a sacred time to bond, to play games like checkers, chess and Tripoley and to reminisce about really crazy antics from past vacations, usually by our parents, that would surely have some of us in jail […]

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