Zeitgeist of Z by MOJEH

Marketing Consultant Nancy Nessel shares her insights on
how members of Generation Z are changing the world of fashion.
Published May 31, 2017

MOJEH Magazine, the global and stylish go-to fashion resource for luxury, recently interviewed me to learn more about Generation Z and why high fashion is embracing the latest generation. The MOJEH article, The Zeitgeist of Z , contains fresh insights and statistics on the Gen Z consumer and how they think about brands, luxury and high fashion.  Hint:  Gen Z will be the largest group of consumers worldwide, have high earning potential, they are altruistic and show brand loyalty when earned…

“You might have noticed a significant change within the fashion world of late. From adverts and billboards to front covers and front rows there has been a distinct gravitation towards young personalities and faces. While the fashion and beauty industry’s obsession with youthfulness is nothing new, this recent shift has seen high fashion embrace the latest generation, and we don’t mean millennials. Enter Generation Z: born in the mid 1990s to early 2000s, Generation Z is the first generation to be born after the introduction of the internet, making its cohorts true digital natives. The new wave of celebrity offspring and social media stars such as Cameron Dallas, Lily-Rose Depp, Iris Law and Brandon Lee are becoming the poster boys and girls for some of fashion’s most revered luxury brands represent this new demographic. In our March issue we explored the meteoric rise of this generation within the world of fashion. Here, marketing consultant and Generation Z specialist Nancy Nessel speaks to MOJEH about fashion’s fixation with Gen Z and the effect this demographic is having on luxury industry.”

Photo: mojeh.com. “Tinie Tempah, Cameron Dallas, Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis and Brandon Thomas Lee sit front row at Dolce&Gabbana’s spring17 show.”