Below are some of the most informative reports and media about Generation Z that I’ve found. Check back often, as new Gen Z material is getting published every day.

“How Generation Z’s social media savvy entrepreneurs are giving millennials a run for their money.”, CNBC Entrepreneurs. June 9, 2018
“How Generation Z Will Change the World.”, Time Video. April 2018
“Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, The Atlantic. Sept. 2017
Gen Z and the Future of Retail.” , FITCH Brand & Retail Consultancy
“The 11 Biggest Generation Z Statistics Advertisers Must Know.“, MediaKix. March 2017
2017 State of Gen Z.”, Center for Generational Kinetics. 2017
“Move Over, Gen Z is Here.”,   Kantar MillwardBrown. 2017
Generation Z: Rules to Reach the Multinational Consumer.” Sapient
“Meet Generation Z, Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials.”, Sparks & Honey
Gen Z:  The Future of Higher Education.”, Altitude
Wake Up:  A Strategic Intel Report on Gen Z.”, Omelet Intelligence


Generation Z’s Suicide Epidemic, Axios June 18, 2019
The Most Anxious Generation Goes to Work, Wall Street Journal May 9, 2019 – The Zeitgeist of Gen Z (a personal interview)
Sourcing Journal – Getting to Know Gen Z & Retail
knowledge@wharton – Millennials on Steroids: Is Your Brand Ready for Generation Z?
Business of Fashion – Tapping Generation Z
NY Times – Luxury Retailers Seek a Way into Generation Z
Business Insider – Where Generation Z Shops
Business Insider – Social Media is Killing Traditional Retailers


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