Nancy Breiling Nessel – Generation Z Specialist, Marketing Consultant

Nancy NeWEBBWeditIMG_2977ssel is a Marketing Consultant with an expertise in Generation Z and one of the premiere subject matter experts on this generation.

In 2012, and deeply involved with youth as a parent and marketer, she identified the highly unique sociological behaviors among the emerging cohort of children born from 1996-2010, unprecedented behaviors driven by the technology boom. Thus she began researching and blogging about this generation of tech-savvy pioneers on

Nancy works to prepare marketers, employers, educators, and even parents for the changing tide that is Generation Z. Nancy is one of the first American marketers to focus on building global awareness around Generation Z, the powerful generation of 7-21 year olds born directly after Generation Y (Millennials), and the first generation to grow up in a fully digital world. Today the blog has over 50,0000 visitors.

As a marketing professional with over 10 years experience analyzing multi-generational consumer behavior, Nancy has developed keen behavioral insight and generational foresight. A progressive thought leader with two Gen Z teens of her own, she disseminates and understands emerging demographics, untapped behaviors, and new trends in Generation Z.

Nancy’s personal and professional experience has given her widespread generational expertise on everyone from Gen X to Gen Z. With the ability to articulate the deep social and emotional insights behind today’s multi-generational behaviors, she has positioned herself as a leading resource on generations for global organizations. Sparks & Honey, Stylus Innovation Research & Advisory Firm, Happen Innovation Agency, and the Los Angeles ad agency, Omelet, have featured her articles and quotes in major reports about Generation Z. She’s also presented her deep knowledge about Gen Z to many audiences including the Chicago White Sox, a top auto manufacturer, the # 1 shoe retailer and several educational institutions.

Before launching her career as a generational expert in 2012, Nancy worked in brand management and marketing consulting for the world’s leading consumer brands. As the Director of Marketing for a global marketing innovation consulting firm, she tracked and reported industry trends for the world’s leading consumer brands. In this role, Nancy discovered her true gift and passion – identifying sociological trends and insights, analyzing their impact on society and expressing fresh insights in an informative and educational manner.

Earlier in her career, Nancy created e-commerce sites for Philips NA as a direct-to-consumer marketing manager, breaking down major revenue barriers between sales and marketing teams during the internet boom.  Prior to that, she was was the top graduate of a Fortune 50 management training program where she directed highly complex, brand-driven multi-million dollar marketing programs for one of the world’s most successful consumer brands.

Nancy earned her BA in political science from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where her liberal arts degree taught her to think conceptually, critically and perhaps a bit radically. She also holds an MBA in marketing from The College of William and Mary where she honed her business skills and marketing savvy while attending on a full scholarship.

Nancy is married to a technology executive who has an MBA from NYU and shares her passion for trends in youth and technology. As a Gen X parent, Nancy manages her children’s personal and professional development by guiding, not directing, them to find useful resources and opportunities. Nancy spends that precious, and dwindling, off-screen time building her Gen Z’s emotional and social intelligence by exposing them to both challenging and rewarding realities of growing up. Their witty son is a stereotypical Gen Z: a highly driven teen who is working incredibly hard to meet his carefully mapped out goals for college and beyond (Brooklyn, Management Consulting, Land Rover 2000). Their artistic daughter enjoys spending down time in her room among her symphony of screens and Spotify, but we consistently impose limits on screen time so she can spend time IRL with friends and pursue her talents in the arts.

Nancy’s hobbies include spinning, music and volunteering for non-profit organizations that support youth development.  Originally from New York, and always a New Yorker, Nancy has resided in CT with her family since 1999… but enjoys traveling around the country for work, especially if it’s to talk about Generation Z.

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