Phone Lessons from Millennials

“Millennials:  This is Exactly What’s Wrong With This Generation!!” Featuring Simon Sinek with IQ Millennial Generation January is the ideal time to kick off some new behaviors, and this enlightening lecture will make you, and your Gen Z, want to change how you behave with your phone. This week I’m sharing a captivating interview with Simon Sinek, leadership […]

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Gen Z Unplugged: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying continues to be a problem among Generation Z, particularly during the holiday season when a Gen Z’s world is amped up by life stressors:  exams, social media exclusion, polarized election, college application process, and family squabbles.   As part of my series entitled, “Gen Z Unplugged”, where I explore new  social frontiers pioneered by […]

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Female College Student Using Computer In Classroom

Get to Know the Emerging Gen Z Consumer

It’s time to think about Generation Z very differently. The generation we define as today’s tech-savvy kids is no longer just a bunch of kids who love their phones.  Born in 1995, the eldest of this unprecedented generation of 2 billion globally are turning 21 this year.  As adults, these ambitious Gen Z will have a favorable impact […]

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Gen Z Gets Down to Business…via text

The 10 Commandments of Business Texting by GetVoIP [Infographic] Get ready, Gen Z (born in 1995) is turning 21 this year and entering the workforce with minds and manners like no other generation has before. This generation has grown up with an abundance of technology. From a young age many had smartphones, so texting is […]

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Meet the New Interns: Gen Z

Featured on GAIA Insights June 2015 – – Did you know that there are 1.9 billion Gen Zer’s in the world and that 50% of the world’s population is under 25 years old? With stats like that, other generations better get ready to work with this ambitious, tech savvy, globally minded cohort… From a Gen…

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What-to-Expect-from-Gen-Z-Infographic copy

Gen Z in the Workforce

Graduation 2016 is upon us and the ambitious graduates of Generation Z are gearing up to enter the workforce. Generation Z has a very different approach to their futures – one that’s practical, meaningful and balanced. For a clear idea of what our future workforce looks like, here’s a very informative info graphic by Richard Madison, Marketing Executive Brighton […]

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Gen Z on Super Bowl 50

The TV ads of Super Bowl 50 are receiving mixed reviews among the post-game marketing chatter.  While I enjoy analyzing the performance of these $5M ads, I enjoy sharing the performance of the ads from a Generation Z perspective even more. So how did the Super Bowl 50 ads perform among Generation Z?  Most were somewhat entertaining, a couple were cute, […]

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Virtual Reality’s Appeal to Generation Z

I recently connected with John Miley of the Kiplinger Letter who wanted to know how Virtual Reality (VR) would appeal to Generation Z.  My reaction? Like bees to honey!  Having the ability to ‘travel,’ ‘tour’ and ‘experience’ without leaving their room will sound like an outstanding proposition to them.  Gen Z, particularly gamers, are already experiencing […]

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Gen Z, Unplugged: Weed

As Gen Z matures, Gen Z is increasingly exposed to M-rated social situations that do not come with an app, situations like drinking, smoking weed, consenting to sex, cyber-bullying or seeking other pleasures to handle all the pressure.  I recently kicked off an investigative series entitled, “Gen Z, Unplugged”, where I explore what Gen Z […]

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